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Among the massive compendium of knowledge available in Wikipedia is a broad range if information about Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), lab informatics, Electronic Health Records (EHR), and many other related topics.


Wikiversity is a division of Wikimedia, and contains learning resources, projects, and research. It is a fantastic place to learn about LIMS history, processes, best practices, implementations, and other useful training information.


LiMSwiki is an active venue where the laboratory informatics community is able to discuss trends and challenges. Find help from subject matter experts, evaluate LIMS vendor performance, and share your own experiences.


WikiBooks is an open source platform for sharing ideas through books. Instead of searching through many pages for various topics, find books that package key LIMS content into one place. Publish your own work too. is maintained by a network of cloud computing experts. Cloud-based laboratory informatics are replacing legacy systems, and learning to recognize quality systems is vital to assure efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Statistical Genetics Wiki

The Statistical Genetics Wiki is a service of the University of Michigan. The wiki offers helpful, user-generated documentation for popular sequence analysis tools. It includes helpful tutorials and access to on-going projects.


OpenWetWare offers a place for biologists and biological engineers to share wisdom, information, and know-how. The site also offers hosting for laboratory websites. It is managed by the BioBricks Foundation.


Clinfowiki is entirely devoted to Biomedical Informatics. A project by the Oregon Health and Science University, Clinfowiki enumerates various technologies, applications, and reference topics with plans for continued content development.

HL7 Wiki

The HL7 Wiki supports the Health Level Seven organization. HL7 is an accepted standard for health information exchange. The wiki includes granular information about Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration, security, lab testing, and more.

IHE Wiki

The IHE Wiki helps healthcare professionals improve collaboration about Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise® (IHE). The wiki contains clinical information management use cases, technical frameworks, vendor showcases, events, etc.

Bioinformatics Wiki

The Bioinformatics Wiki contains pages about the bioinformatics industry, including education and employment, research and development, software, books, journals, databases, and other useful topics.

Forensics Wiki

Forensics Wiki contains a host of articles related to the study of forensics, the forensic lab environment, popular lab informatics tools, and similar information. It is a fantastic place to find quality LIMS content for forensic lab applications.

LIMSpec Wiki

LIMSpec Wiki is a comprehensive collection of requirements and specifications for LIMS, LIS, and other systems. A wide variety of requirement datasheets can be generated and housed based upon a collection of hundreds of individual specifications.

LabLynx Wiki

LabLynx Wiki is the user collaboration center for LabLynx's suite of laboratory informatics products and services. Find LIMS product descriptions, documentation, tips, and other useful resources.